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# Bosch Indego Binding

This is the Binding for Bosch Indego Connect lawn mowers. Thank´s to zazaz-de who found out how the API works. His Java Library (opens new window) made this Binding possible.

# Thing Configuration

Currently the binding supports indego mowers as a thing type with these configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
username Username for the Bosch Indego account
password Password for the Bosch Indego account
refresh Specifies the refresh interval in seconds (default 180, minimum: 60)

# Channels

Channel Item Type Description
state Number You can send commands to this channel to control the mower and read the simplified state from it (1=mow, 2=return to dock, 3=pause)
errorcode Number Error code of the mower (0=no error, readonly)
statecode Number Detailed state of the mower (readonly)
textualstate String State as a text. (readonly)
ready Number Shows if the mower is ready to mow (1=ready, 0=not ready, readonly)
mowed Dimmer Cut grass in percent (readonly)

# State Codes

Code Description
0 Reading status
257 Charging
258 Docked
259 Docked - Software update
260 Docked
261 Docked
262 Docked - Loading map
263 Docked - Saving map
513 Mowing
514 Relocalising
515 Loading map
516 Learning lawn
517 Paused
518 Border cut
519 Idle in lawn
769 Returning to dock
770 Returning to dock
771 Returning to dock - Battery low
772 Returning to dock - Calendar timeslot ended
773 Returning to dock - Battery temp range
774 Returning to dock
775 Returning to dock - Lawn complete
776 Returning to dock - Relocalising
1025 Diagnostic mode
1026 End of life
1281 Software update
64513 Docked

# Full Example

# indego.things File

boschindego:indego:lawnmower [username="[email protected]", password="idontneedtocutthelawnagain", refresh=120]

# indego.items File

Number Indego_State { channel="boschindego:indego:lawnmower:state" }
Number Indego_ErrorCode { channel="boschindego:indego:lawnmower:errorcode" }
Number Indego_StateCode { channel="boschindego:indego:lawnmower:statecode" }
String Indego_TextualState { channel="boschindego:indego:lawnmower:textualstate" }
Number Indego_Ready { channel="boschindego:indego:lawnmower:ready" }
Dimmer Indego_Mowed { channel="boschindego:indego:lawnmower:mowed" }

# indego.sitemap File

Switch item=Indego_State mappings=[1="Mow", 2="Return",3="Pause"]