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# Broadlink Thermostat Binding

The binding integrates devices based on Broadlinkthermostat controllers. As the binding uses the broadlink-java-api (opens new window), theoretically all devices supported by the api can be integrated with this binding.

# Supported Things

Note: So far only the Floureon Thermostat has been tested! The other things are "best guess" implementations.

Things Description Thing Type
Floureon Thermostat Broadlinkthermostat based Thermostat sold with the branding Floureon floureonthermostat
Hysen Thermostat Broadlinkthermostat based Thermostat sold with the branding Hysen hysenthermostat

# Discovery

Broadlinkthermostat devices are discovered on the network by sending a specific broadcast message. Authentication is automatically sent after creating the thing.

# Thing Configuration

Two parameter are required for creating things:

  • host: The hostname or IP address of the device.
  • mac : The network MAC of the device.

The autodiscovery process finds both parts automatically.

# Channels

# Floureon-/Hysenthermostat

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
power Switch Switch display on/off and enable/disables heating
mode String Current mode of the thermostat (auto or manual)
sensor String The sensor (internal/external) used for triggering the thermostat
roomtemperature Number:Temperature Room temperature, measured directly at the device
roomtemperatureexternalsensor Number:Temperature Room temperature, measured by an external sensor
active Switch Show if thermostat is currently actively heating
setpoint Number:Temperature Temperature setpoint that open/close valve
temperatureoffset Number:Temperature Manual temperature adjustment
remotelock Switch Locks the device to only allow remote actions
time DateTime The time and day of week of the device

# Full Example


Thing broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat "Bathroom Thermostat" [ host="", mac="00:10:FA:6E:38:4A"]


Number:Temperature  Bathroom_Thermostat_Temperature      "Room temperature [%.1f %unit%]"        <temperature>  { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:roomtemperature"}
Number:Temperature  Bathroom_Thermostat_Temperature_Ext  "Room temperature (ext) [%.1f %unit%]"  <temperature>  { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:roomtemperature"}
Number:Temperature  Bathroom_Thermostat_Setpoint         "Setpoint [%.1f %unit%]"                <temperature>  { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:setpoint"}
Switch              Bathroom_Thermostat_Power            "Power"                                                { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:power"}
Switch              Bathroom_Thermostat_Active           "Active"                                               { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:active"}
String              Bathroom_Thermostat_Mode             "Mode"                                                 { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:mode"}
String              Bathroom_Thermostat_Sensor           "Sensor"                                               { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:sensor"}
Switch              Bathroom_Thermostat_Lock             "Lock"                                  <lock>         { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:remotelock"}
DateTime            Bathroom_Thermostat_Time             "Time [%1$tm/%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM]"        <time>         { channel="broadlinkthermostat:floureonthermostat:bathroomthermostat:time"}