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# Go-eCharger Binding

This Binding controls and reads data from the Go-eCharger (opens new window). It is a mobile wallbox for charging EVs and has an open REST API for reading data and configuration. The API must be activated in the Go-eCharger app.

# Supported Things

This binding supports Go-eCharger HOME+ with 7.4kW, 11kW or 22kW. The Go-eCharger HOMEfix with 11kW and 22kW is supported too.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has three configuration parameters:

Parameter Description Required
ip The IP-address of your Go-eCharger yes
apiVersion The API version to use (1=default or 2) no
refreshInterval Interval to read data, default 5 (in seconds) no

The apiVersion 2 is only available for Go-eCharger with new hardware revision (CM-03).

# Channels

Currently available channels are

Channel ID Item Type Description API version
maxCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Maximum current allowed to use for charging 1 (r/w), 2 (r/w)
maxCurrentTemp Number:ElectricCurrent Maximum current temporary (not written to EEPROM) 1 (r)
pwmSignal String Signal status for PWM signal 1 (r), 2 (r)
error String Error code of charger 1 (r), 2 (r)
voltageL1 Number:ElectricPotential Voltage on L1 1 (r), 2 (r)
voltageL2 Number:ElectricPotential Voltage on L2 1 (r), 2 (r)
voltageL3 Number:ElectricPotential Voltage on L3 1 (r), 2 (r)
currentL1 Number:ElectricCurrent Current on L1 1 (r), 2 (r)
currentL2 Number:ElectricCurrent Current on L2 1 (r), 2 (r)
currentL3 Number:ElectricCurrent Current on L3 1 (r), 2 (r)
powerL1 Number:Power Power on L1 1 (r), 2 (r)
powerL2 Number:Power Power on L2 1 (r), 2 (r)
powerL3 Number:Power Power on L2 1 (r), 2 (r)
powerAll Number:Power Power over all three phases 1 (r), 2 (r)
phases Number Amount of phases currently used for charging 1 (r), 2 (r/w)
sessionChargeEnergyLimit Number:Energy Wallbox stops charging after defined value, disable with 0 1 (r/w), 2 (r/w)
sessionChargedEnergy Number:Energy Amount of energy that has been charged in this session 1 (r), 2 (r)
totalChargedEnergy Number:Energy Amount of energy that has been charged since installation 1 (r), 2 (r)
allowCharging Switch If ON charging is allowed 1 (r/w), 2 (r)
cableCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Specifies the max current that can be charged with that cable 1 (r), 2 (r)
temperature Number:Temperature Temperature of the curciuit board of the Go-eCharger 1 (r), 2 (r)
temperatureType2Port Number:Temperature Temperature of the type 2 port of the Go-eCharger 2 (r)
firmware String Firmware Version 1 (r), 2 (r)
accessConfiguration String Access configuration, for example OPEN, RFID ... 1 (r/w)
forceState Number Force state (Neutral=0, Off=1, On=2) 2 (r/w)

# Full Example


Thing goecharger:goe:garage [ip="",refreshInterval=5]


Number:ElectricCurrent     GoEChargerMaxCurrent                 "Maximum current"                       {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:maxCurrent"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     GoEChargerMaxCurrentTemp             "Maximum current temporary"             {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:maxCurrentTemp"}
Number                     GoEChargerForceState                 "Force state"                           {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:forceState"}
Number                     GoEChargerPhases                     "Phases"                                {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:phases"}
String                     GoEChargerPwmSignal                  "Pwm signal status"                     {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:pwmSignal"}
String                     GoEChargerError                      "Error code"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:error"}
Number:ElectricPotential   GoEChargerVoltageL1                  "Voltage l1"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:voltageL1"}
Number:ElectricPotential   GoEChargerVoltageL2                  "Voltage l2"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:voltageL2"}
Number:ElectricPotential   GoEChargerVoltageL3                  "Voltage l3"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:voltageL3"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     GoEChargerCurrentL1                  "Current l1"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:currentL1"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     GoEChargerCurrentL2                  "Current l2"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:currentL2"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     GoEChargerCurrentL3                  "Current l3"                            {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:currentL3"}
Number:Power               GoEChargerPowerL1                    "Power l1"                              {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:powerL1"}
Number:Power               GoEChargerPowerL2                    "Power l2"                              {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:powerL2"}
Number:Power               GoEChargerPowerL3                    "Power l3"                              {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:powerL3"}
Number:Power               GoEChargerPowerAll                   "Power over All"                        {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:powerAll"}
Number:Energy              GoEChargerSessionChargeEnergyLimit   "Current session charge energy limit"   {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:sessionChargeEnergyLimit"}
Number:Energy              GoEChargerSessionChargedEnergy       "Current session charged energy"        {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:sessionChargedEnergy"}
Number:Energy              GoEChargerTotalChargedEnergy         "Total charged energy"                  {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:totalChargedEnergy"}
Switch                     GoEChargerAllowCharging              "Allow charging"                        {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:allowCharging"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     GoEChargerCableCurrent               "Cable encoding"                        {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:cableCurrent"}
Number:Temperature         GoEChargerTemperatureType2Port       "Temperature type 2 port"               {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:temperatureType2Port"}
Number:Temperature         GoEChargerTemperatureCircuitBoard    "Temperature circuit board"             {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:temperature"}
String                     GoEChargerFirmware                   "Firmware"                              {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:firmware"}
String                     GoEChargerAccessConfiguration        "Access configuration"                  {channel="goecharger:goe:garage:accessConfiguration"}

# Setting charge current of Go-eCharger based on photovoltaik output

You can easily define rules to charge with PV power alone. Here is a simple sample how such a rule could look like:

rule "Set max amps for PV charging"
    Item availablePVCurrent received update
    logInfo("Amps available: ", receivedCommand.state)

Advanced example:

rule "Set charging limit for go-eCharger"
    Time cron "*/10 * * ? * *" // Trigger every 10 seconds
    if (GoEChargerExcessCharge.state == ON) {
        var totalPowerOutputInWatt = Total_power_fast.state as DecimalType * 1000
        if (totalPowerOutputInWatt > 0) {
            totalPowerOutputInWatt = 0

        totalPowerOutputInWatt = totalPowerOutputInWatt * -1

        var maxAmp3Phases = (totalPowerOutputInWatt / 3) / 230
        if (maxAmp3Phases > 16.0) {
            maxAmp3Phases = 16.0
        var maxAmp1Phase = totalPowerOutputInWatt / 230;

        if (maxAmp3Phases.intValue >= 6) {
            // set force state to neutral (Neutral=0, Off=1, On=2)
            if (GoEChargerForceState.state != 0) {

            // 3 phases
            if ((GoEChargerPhases.state as Number) != 3) {

            if ((GoEChargerMaxCurrent.state as Number).intValue != maxAmp3Phases.intValue) {
                // logInfo("eCharger", "Set charging limit 3 Phases: " + maxAmp3Phases.intValue + " A")
        } else {
            if (maxAmp1Phase.intValue >= 6 ) {
                // set force state to neutral (Neutral=0, Off=1, On=2)
                if (GoEChargerForceState.state != 0) {

                // switch to 1 phase -> check if this is useful
                if ((GoEChargerPhases.state as Number) != 1) {

                if ((GoEChargerMaxCurrent.state as Number).intValue != maxAmp1Phase.intValue) {
                    // logInfo("eCharger", "Set charging limit 1 Phase: " + maxAmp1Phase.intValue + " A")
            } else {
                // switch off
                if (GoEChargerForceState.state != 1) {
                    // logInfo("eCharger", "Switch charging off")
    } else {
        // set force state to neutral (Neutral=0, Off=1, On=2)
        if (GoEChargerForceState.state != 0) {

        if ((GoEChargerPhases.state as Number) != 3) {

        if ((GoEChargerMaxCurrent.state as Number).intValue != 16) {

You can also define more advanced rules if you have multiple cars that charge with a different amount of phases. For example if your car charges on one phase only, you can set maxAmps to output of PV power, if your car charges on two phases you can set maxAmps to pv output / 2, and for 3 phases pv output / 3. In general the calculation would be ´maxAmps = pvOutput / phases`.