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# iAquaLink Binding

This binding supports:

  • Any iAquaLink based pool system
  • Reading auxiliary, temperature, pump, chemistry and system values
  • Controlling system, auxiliary, lighting, and temperature settings

# Binding Configuration

The binding requires the iAquaLink user name and password. If you have more then one pool system registered to an account, you may optionally specify the pool serial ID/Number to use, otherwise the first pool controller will be used.

# Manual Thing Configuration

Thing iaqualink:controller:pool [ userName="[email protected]", password="somepassword"]

# Channels

The following is a list of supported channels. Auxiliary and OneTouch channels will be dynamically added depending on what a system reports as being supported.

Auxiliary channels that are of a number type represent lighting modes (typically 0-15). Auxiliary channels that are dimmer types can set the light value in increments of 25 (0,25,50,750,100). The Auxiliary channel type will be dynamically assigned based on the controller configuration.

Heater status can be OFF (0), Enabled/ON (3), or Heating (1).

Channel Type ID Item Type
status String
system_type Number
temp_scale String
spa_temp Number:Temperature
pool_temp Number:Temperature
air_temp Number:Temperature
spa_set_point Number:Temperature
pool_set_point Number:Temperature
cover_pool Switch
freeze_protection Switch
spa_pump Switch
pool_pump Switch
spa_heater Switch
pool_heater Switch
solar_heater Switch
spa_heater_status Number
pool_heater_status Number
solar_heater_status Number
spa_salinity Number
pool_salinity Number
orp Number
ph Number
onetouch_1 Switch
onetouch_n+1 Switch
aux_1 Switch or String or Dimmer
aux_n+1 Switch or String or Dimmer

# Color/Mood Auxiliary Channels

String auxiliary channels can control a variety of lighting moods/colors depending on what type of lighting system is installed. The following is a table of aux_n channel values (String) to lighting set descriptions values. The binding will automatically detect which color system is enabled and add the appropriate channel type with the following option labels. Colors can be set, but only On or Off is reported back as the current state of the channel.

String Value jandy Color Jandy LED Water Colors Pentair SAm/SAL Hayward Universal Pentair intelliBrite
"off" Off Off Off Off Off
"on" On On On On On
"1" Alpine White Alpine White White Voodoo Lounge SAM
"2" Sky Blue Sky Blue Light Green Deep Blue Sea Party
"3" Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue Green Afternoon Skies Romance
"4" Caribbean Blue Caribbean Blue Cyan Emerald Caribbean
"5" Spring Green Spring Green Blue Sangria American
"6" Emerald Green Emerald Green Lavender Cloud White Cal Sunset
"7" Emerald Rose Emerald Rose Magenta Twilight Royal
"8" Magenta Magenta Light Magenta Tranquility Blue
"9" Garnet Red Violet Color Splash Gemstone Green
"10" Violet Slow Splash USA! Red
"11" Color Splash Fast Splash Mardi Gras White
"12" USA!!! Cool Caberet Magenta
"13" Fat Tuesday Hold
"14" Disco Tech Recall

# Sample Items

Group Group_AquaLink
String AquaLinkStatus "Status [%s]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:status"}
Switch AquaLinkBoosterPump "Booster Pump" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:aux_1"}
Switch AquaLinkPoolLight "Pool Light" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:aux_2"}
Switch AquaLinkSpaLight "Spa Light" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:aux_3"}
Switch AquaLinkVanishingEdge "Vanishing Edge" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:aux_4"}

Switch AquaLinkAllOffOneTouch "All Off" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:onetouch_1"}
Switch AquaLinkSpaOneTouch "Spa Mode" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:onetouch_2"}
Switch AquaLinkCleanOneTouch "Clean Mode" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:onetouch_3"}
Switch AquaLinkPoolOneTouch "Pool Mode" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:onetouch_4"}

Number:Temperature AquaLinkSpaTemp "Spa Temperature [%d]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:spa_temp"}
Number:Temperature AquaLinkPoolTemp "Pool Temperature [%d]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:pool_temp"}
Number:Temperature AquaLinkAirTemp "Air Temperature [%d]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:air_temp"}

Number:Temperature AquaLinkSpaSetpoint "Spa Setpoint [%d]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:spa_set_point"}
Number:Temperature AquaLinkPoolSetpoint "Pool Setpoint [%d]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:pool_set_point"}

Switch AquaLinkSpaPump "Spa Pump" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:spa_pump"}
Switch AquaLinkPoolPump"Pool Pump" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:pool_pump"}

Number AquaLinkSpaHeaterStatus "Spa Heater [%s]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:spa_heater_status"}
Number AquaLinkPoolHeaterStatus  "Pool Heater [%s]" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:pool_heater_status"}

Switch AquaLinkSpaHeater "Spa Heater" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:spa_heater"}
Switch AquaLinkPoolHeater  "Pool Heater" (Group_AquaLink) {channel="iaqualink:controller:pool:pool_heater"}